Covid Churches Cleaning & Disinfecting

The covid-19 pandemic has left the church reeling with unprecedented challenges. First of all, it has disrupted the global economy, cause immeasurable trauma, and more. But, as we all know, a drowning man will clutch at a straw; people have transformed their lives. In other words, the pre-COVID-19 world is behind us, and the ‘new normal’ takes charge. New normal calls for both adaption and resilience for all the churches.

However, as we embrace and adapt, we must accept that church is the best place to take extra measures.  People gather and worship in churches, and it has the potential to collect dirt and grime. Here are a few tips to consider for church cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning and disinfection

Identify common areas

Initially, you need to map out sites of the building that requires regular cleaning. They include locations such as worship areas, stairs, kitchen, and reception.

Clean high-touch areas

After cleaning the entire church, you also need to revisit high-touch areas. In most cases, they are sites such as light switches, door handles, Armrest, balcony, and more. Ensure that all these areas are thoroughly clean before you commence disinfection.

Have a stockpile of soap

 We have seen how washing hands with soap is an effective defense against invisible pathogens. One thing good about soap is that it’s gentle and soothing. In addition, soap is very helpful in destroying various types of bacteria and viruses.

Make a cleaning protocol

Dealing with the masses is a tall order most of the time. You’ll notice that not all will appreciate your efforts. So, you may wish to implement certain policies to ensure church cleanliness is successful. You may decide to;

  • Limit access to certain areas of the church.
  • Use clean as you use systems.
  • Educate church members on the importance of cleanliness and how to do it effectively while in church. 

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